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wealthy merchants that protested taxation
a group that tarred and feathered tax collectors
Thomas Paine, convinced colonists to break away from England
Grievances against King George III, justification for breaking away from England
caused by English encroachment onto French Lands
a law that said colonists couldn't go past the Appalachian Mountains
life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness
Why did colonists win the war?
fear of centralized power helped create this document
provided a process for admitting new states
What was the impact of the Declaration of Independence and the American Revolution?
never would have passed without the South's ratification
South would not radify the Constitution without
Spain gave the US rights to navigate on Mississippi River
warned of entangled foreign alliances and political parties
Hamilton's Party
Jefferson's Party
act that imposed a tax on all sorts of printed matter in the colonies
compromise about representation in congress
importation of slaves could not be ended prior to 1808

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