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Business organizer who founded a standard oil company
Bought out Andrew Carnegie and organized the United States Steel Corporation
Labor union that welcomed unskilled and semi-skilled workers; wanted laborers to own the industries they worked in
led by Samuel Gompers; an alliance of skilled workers in craft unions; concentrated on bread-and-butter issues
former slave who promoted industrial education and economic opportunity but not social equality for blacks yet; founded Tuskegee Institute
an essay written by Andrew Carnegie that promoted social Darwinism.
Suffragist who led the Seneca Falls convention
grew into the largest and most important federal department other than the postal service
a group of farmers that worked for improvements for farmers
led Industrial Workers of the World with Elizabeth Flynn, Big Bill Haywood, and Eugene Debs
Black farmers who were excluded from the Southern Farmer's Alliance joined this
A group of women who fought for the right to vote, led by Elizabeth Cady Stanton
a group of women who were against alcohol, they said alcohol led to household violence
Passed to exclude Chinese from immigrating to the US
most of the land given from the Morrill Act became these types of schools
attempted to 'Americanize' the Native Americans; gave each tribe 160 acres of land; after 25 years the land would be theirs and they would be US citizens
Chief of Nez Perece Native Americans of Idaho; people wanting gold trespassed on these Native Americans' land, this person retreated to stop war and save his people
A Native American movement that called for a return to traditional ways of life and challenged white dominance
Established the federal government's right to oversee railroads
An organization created by nativists in 1887 that campaigned for laws to restrict immigration

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