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where rice is a major staple crop
where sugar cultivation is a major part of the economy
intermarried with natives and built extensive trading partnerships
traded beaver furs; would live among natives
like the French built extensive trade routes
colonies were based on agriculture
pay passage to indentured servant - gained 50 acres of land
natives were seen as
abundance of land leads to
based on a belief of racial superiority
most likely was covert, working slowly, faking illness, running away, breaking tools
100 Africans killed several whites and tried to flee to Spanish Florida
wanted to purify the Anglican church, not separate
fate decided before birth, heaven or hell
model colony for others to look up to
church members had tremendous power
some agriculture, fishing, and commerce
This area tended to be the most diverse demographically, religiously and ethnically
religiously tolerant, women had more rights
This area heavily relied on tobacco

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