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mostly based on hunting/gathering/foraging
advocated warrior traditions
spoke languages formerly spoken across the vast area of the Atlantic Seaboard
built villages around maize
Indian and Creole
children of Mestizos and Mulattos
could be used to find exact position on earth
shareholders own a portion of the company in proportion to the number of shares they own
advocated harsh treatment of natives
argued that natives deserved the same treatment as all other men
outposts all throughout the Americas to help convert natives
defeated Pueblos in the Pueblo Revolt
one of the diseases Native Americans got from Europeans
Spanish system of control over natives in much of the Americas
revolutionized life in the Americas, Europe and Africa
lived off hunting and gathering
hunted bison and sheep
What American Indian group had a matriarchal society?
Americas to Europe and Africa goods
Europe to the Americas goods

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