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Can you name the Disney villain by his/her opening line?

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Forced Order
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Trouble on deck?
Hello, Belle!
Whoa, Frou-frou, whoa.
Slave in the magic mirror, come from the farthest space, through wind and darkness I summon thee.
You're late.
Anita, darling!
Bring these gypsy vermin to the Palace of Justice.
Yes, hurry home, princess.
Well Joanna, what'd we get today?
How sentimental.
Well, quite a glittering assemblage, King Stefan.
Taxes! Taxes!
What beastly luck!
Then I didn't choose that one because it was gonna give me pimples.
Why, Mr. Arrow, sir.
Pleasure doing business with you.
Life's not fair, is it?
It is no concern of mine whether your family has...what was it again?
Blast that Peter Pan.
...I knew I was born for Africa, and Africa was created for--
Cards, halt! Count off!
Quite an ingenious scheme, eh, Flaversham?
Well, come in, child. Come in.
Who could be ringing at this time of night?
Gentlemen, enchantée!

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