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The scientific study of mind and behavior.
The philosophical view that certain kinds of knowledge are innate or inborn.
The philosophical view that all knowledge is acquired through experience.
Sensory input from the environment.
Charles Darwin's theory that the features of an organism that help it survive and reproduce are more likely than other features to be passed on to subsequent generations.
A therapeutic approach that focuses on bringing the unconscious material into conscious awareness to better understand psychological disorders.
An approach to understanding human nature that empasizes the positive potential of human beings.
An approach that advocates that psychologists restrict themselves to the scientific study of objectively observable behavior.
The scientific study of mental processes, including perception, thought, memory, and reasoning.
A psychological approach that explains mind and behavior in terms of the adaptive values of abilities that are preserved over time and by natural selection.
A subfield of psychology that studies the causes and consequences of interpersonal behavior.
The Study of how cultures reflect and shape the psychological processes of their members.
A hypothetical explanation of a natural phenomenom.
A falsifiable prediction made by a theory.
A description of a property in concrete, measurable terms.
The extent to which a measurement and a property are conceptually related.
The tendency of a measurement to produce the same measurement whenever it is used to measure the same thing.
A property whose value can vary across individuals or time.
A technique for establishing the casual relationship between variables.
The variable that is manipulated in an experiment.
The group of people who are treated in a particular way: The sujects of the manipulation in an experiment.
The group of people who are not treated in a particular way: The subjects who don't receive the manipulation in an experiment.
The Variable that is measured in a study.
A written agreement to participate in a study made by an adult who has been informed of all the risks that participation may entail.

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