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Characters AnswerYear
Baby Houseman, Johny Castle1987
Vivian Ward, Edward Lewis, Kit De Luca1990
Cher, Dionne, Josh1995
Kat Stratford, Patrick Verona, Bianca Stratford1999
Anna Scott, William Thacker, Spike1999
Gracie Hart, Eric Matthews, Victor Melling2000
Sara, Derek, Chenille2001
Mark Darcy, Daniel Cleaver2001
Elle Woods, Paulette, Emmett2001
Mia Thermopolis, Lily Moscovitz, Michael Moscovitz2001
Toula Portokalos, Ian Miller2002
Jesminder Bhamra, Jules, Joe2002
Andie Anderson, Ben Barry, Jeannie2003
Daphne Reynolds, Ian Wallace, Henry Dashwood2003
Helen Harris, Pastor Dan Parker, Jenny Portman2004
Characters AnswerYear
Jenna Rink, Matt Flamhaff, Lucy Wyman2004
Sam, Austin, Carter2004
Paige Morgan, Eddie, Soren2004
Allie, Noah2004
Cady Heron, Regina George, Aaron Samuels2004
Viola, Duke, Sebastian2006
Paula, Tripp, Kit2006
Shelley, Oliver, Natalie2008
Poppy Moore, Freddie Kingsley, Drippy2008
Georgia Nicolson, Robbie, Jas2008
Jane, Kevin, Tess2008
Margaret Tate, Andrew Paxton2009
Olive, Woodchuck Todd, Marianne2010
Savannah Curtis, John Tyree2010
Carly Whitten, Kate King, Amber2014

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