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Questions about the Eruption of Vesuvius and Pliny

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Forced Order
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 When was the precursor earthquake?
 When did Mt. Vesuvius erupt?
 How many pyroclastic surges were there?
 How many pyroclastic flows were there?
 Where did the people of Herculaneum think it was safe to go?
 Where did the people who died in Pompeii go?
 What did the Romans think the volcano was?
 Who was Pliny the Younger's letter about his Uncle's death sent to?
 What was Pliny the Younger's first letter about?
 Where was Pliny the Elder directing a fleet?
 Who sent a messenger across the bay begging for Pliny the Elder's help?
 Who was the first one to see the cloud and mention it to Pliny the Elder?
 Who went to go help Rectina Tascus and other people in danger?
 Where were the winds initially blowing?
 When they reached Pompeii and realized that they wouldn't be able to help the people there because part of the mountain had fallen, what did Pliny the Elder say?
 Where did Pliny the Elder's friend live?
 Who was Pliny the Elder's friend?
 What did Pliny the Elder do when he saw his friend?
 What condition did Pliny the Elder have that made him die?
 What did they use over their heads to cover themselves from hot ash and pumice?
 How did the rest of the people escape?
 What is Pliny the Younger's second letter about?
 What really lit up the mountain instead of Pliny the Elder's fake story about how the people who lived up there set it on fire to see because it was so dark?
 What is better than a pyroclastic surge or flow?
 What is a sign that a volcano will erupt?
 Who was Tacitus
 What is a Plinian eruption?
 Who was offered to go on the trip with Pliny the Elder and did not go?
 How did Pliny the Elder save his energy while he was at Stabiae with his friend?
 What did Pliny the Younger compare the smoke coming out of the volcano to?
 Did Pliny the Younger initially know that it was Vesuvius that was erupting?
 What two kinds of people are there (Pliny the Elder is both)?
 Was Pliny's first letter planned to be published?

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