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Can you name the Characters of the Gone Series?

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Main character, shoots fire from his handsPerdido Beach
Genius, used to be head of the councilPerdido Beach
Town Sheriff, later Mayor, from HondurasPerdido Beach
Greatest power in the FAYZ, autisticPerdido Beach
Coates' Leader, manipulativeCoates
Reads people, is pregnantCoates
Can camouflage himself, Coates Coates
Can make people see monsters, CoatesCoates
The Healern/a
Healer's dogn/a
Daycare leader, poofs on birthdayPerdido Beach
Council, works at DaycarePerdido Beach
Fire CheifPerdido Beach
Town hunter, eaten by roachesPerdido Beach
Can go super-fastPerdido Beach
Has super-strength, into computersPerdido Beach
Can suspend gravity from small areasPerdido Beach
Can teleport to different placesPerdido Beach
Re-invented money, described as the Donald Trump of the FAYZPerdido Beach
Whip-hand, psychopath, sadistCoates
Shares a body with whip-handPerdido Beach
Head fishermanPerdido Beach
Runs so-called hospital, pharmacistPerdido Beach
Pharmacist's ex-boyfriendPerdido Beach
Human Crew leaderHuman Crew
Human Crew, handsomeHuman Crew
Human Crew, bad leg, limpsHuman Crew
Human Crew, mean streak, killed in LiesHuman Crew
Human Crew, leader's girlfriendHuman Crew
Can see people's dreamsPerdido Beach
The Gaiaphage's avatar brought to lifeGaiaphage
Lives in mine shaft, eats uraniumGaiaphage
Can control his densityPerdido Beach
One of the Littles, runs back to his old homePerdido Beach
Artful, nearly dies in the firePerdido Beach
The truth-tellern/a
FishermanPerdido Beach
FisherwomanPerdido Beach
Killed by zekesPerdido Beach
Killed by bulliesPerdido Beach
Stone monsterPerdido Beach
Town council, toady, friends with the boy made out of stonePerdido Beach
Killed by roaches, locked up by the mayorPerdido Beach
'Donald Trumps' cleanerPerdido Beach
Immortal girl's dead brotherPerdido Beach
Works at the Daycare, poofs on birthdayPerdido Beach
TwinPerdido Beach
Twin Perdido Beach
Human Crew leader's brother, poofedPerdido Beach
'Donald Trumps' sisterPerdido Beach
Sonic-booms come out of hands, CoatesCoates
Coates sideCoates
Coates sideCoates
Coates sideCoates
Coates side, eaten after his death, driverCoates
Coates side, kills herselfCoates
Coates side, huffs paint out of a sockCoates
Coates sideCoates
Coates side, driverCoates
Head of the coyotesGaiaphage
Coyote, healer's personal tormentorGaiaphage
Pre-schoolerPerdido Beach
Pre-schoolerPerdido Beach
Pre-schoolerPerdido Beach
Goth-girlPerdido Beach
Healer's grandadn/a
Nurse at CoatesPerdido Beach
Headteacher at Coatesn/a
Poofed in classPerdido Beach
Poofed first dayPerdido Beach
Poofed first dayPerdido Beach
Teacher, poofed first dayPerdido Beach
Sixth graderPerdido Beach
Junior mints, soldierPerdido Beach
Junior Mints, soldierPerdido Beach
SoldierPerdido Beach
SoldierPerdido Beach
SoldierPerdido Beach
SoldierPerdido Beach
Soldier, sees Whip-Hand's victimPerdido Beach
Killed by Whip-HandPerdido Beach
Collects mushrooms, CoatesCoates
Collects meatPerdido Beach
Killed by the town hunterPerdido Beach
Lived with the town hunter Perdido Beach

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