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ADrugs used to treat bacterial infections
BNeuropathologists study this organ
CUncontrolled cell growth, often diagnosed by biopsy
Ddisorder characterised by abnormal blood sugar levels
Ethe female gamete
Fthe best known pathology specialty, often shown on TV
G6-carbon simple sugar, used as fuel by cells
Hpathology specialty involving macroscopic and microscopic study of tissue, also called cellular pathology
Ithe process by which the body is prepared to fight diseases e.g. by vaccination
Jwhere two or more bones come into contact
Korgan responsible for excretion of waste from the blood
Lsome, but not all, pathologists work here
Minstrument used to examine tissue at a cellular level
Nspecialised cell responsible for conducting information to and from the brain
Osurgical procedure, tissue is often removed for diagnosis
Pmedically qualified practitioner in the field of pathology
Qlarge muscle group in the thigh
Ranother name for erythrocyte, carries oxygen in the blood
Snon-medically qualified practitioner in the field of pathology
Tblood for testing is usually collected in one of these
Ubodily fluid easily tested for signs of disease, often with a dipstick
Vinfective organism responsible for colds and 'flu', does not respond to antibiotics
Wanother name for uterus, the female organ where babies grow
Xwomen have two of these, men have one
Ymen have one of these, women have none
Zwhere veterinary pathologists might work

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