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QUIZ: Can you name the subplots of a given Friends plot?

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Monica is worried Chandler will break up with her if she gets fat, because she found out he has done it before to a girl.A. Phoebe uses Ross's son Ben to see Sting in concert
Monica gets new boots.B. Monica considers a relationship with Richard's son
Chandler and Joey babysit Ben, then lose him on a bus.C. Ross gets a bad tan
Rachel moves in with Monica.D. Monica is asked to sample Mocholate, a mock chocolate
Charley's ex boyfriend interviews Ross for a grant.E. Rachel and Phoebe's apartment catches on fire
Susan Sarandon helps Joey with a part on Days Of Our Lives.F. Phoebe finds a thumb in her soda
The five other friends finally like someone Monica is dating, named Alan.G. Rachel, Phoebe, and Chandler look for Monica's hidden Christmas presents
A drunk Rachel calls Ross and tells her she's over him, and wishes him and Julie the best.H. Rachel and Ross fly to Las Vegas together and play pranks on each other on the plane
Rachel finds out Ross had a list of pros and cons for dating both Rachel and Julie.I. Phoebe and Rachel fight over who should be Monica's maid of honor
Ross dresses up as a holiday armadillo for Ben.J. Joey tries to get birds out of a foosball machine
Ross and Chandler go to a college reunion.K. Joey goes on the game show, Pyramid
Chandler spends Thanksgiving in a box.L. Ross wants to play the bagpipes at Chandler and Monica's wedding
Ross's old friend Will hates Rachel.M. Monica dates Paul the wine guy
Phoebe and Monica's old friend Amanda comes to town, who they hate.N. Phoebe and Ross debate evolution
Joey tries to get Janine to kiss him on tv.O. Rachel pushes her relationship with Joshuah too hard because she is jealous of where Ross is with Emily
Monica picks up Emily's wedding dress, then tries it on.P. Monica helps Chandler work out, and she is rough on him
Ross finds out a student at his school likes him, and starts dating her.Q. Rachel and Monica fight over who doesn't have to end up with Phoebe's painting called Gladys
Mr. Heckles dies.R. Joey tries to eat almost a whole turkey
Monica and Chandler fight about Monica having lunch with Richard.S. Phoebe tries to sway Rachel to move out of Joey's apartment and into hers
Ross follows Rachel to the airport to stop her from going to Paris.T. Phoebe gets fired from singing at Central Perk and Chrissie Hynde takes her place

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