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Genre/StarMovieHint Hint
Action-Toby McGuireThree villains might've been a good thing had they not trampled all over each other's screentime and narrative coherence.
Comedy-Snoop DogThis was billed as an 'urban' take on Airplane!
Action-George ClooneyIt's become a byword for franchise-killing and bad movie-making.
Science Fiction-John TravoltaJohn Travolta as a dreadlocked, 9ft. tall alien. Forest Whitaker as his dimwitted sidekick
Comedy-Mike MyersWhen shagging elephants are your comedy centrepiece, something is seriously askew
Western-Jeff BridgesThere are five uninterrupted minutes of fiddle playing - on roller skates .
Science Fiction-Mark WalhbergAnd as for Walhberg's scene talking to a plastic house plant - God save us.
Comedy-Eddie MurphyA film so fantastically misogynistic and misanthropic that you'll have to watch Raw a number of times to even begin to forgive Eddie Murphy.
Action-Halle BerryIt was clear that something was wrong the moment the shredded and strapped costume was unveiled.
Genre/StarMovieHint Hint
Comedy-Shawn WayansPreposterous plotting that insults the intelligence.
Comedy-Ben AffleckChristopher Walken and Al Pacino's cameos are the closest the film gets to funny.
Drama-MadonnaA movie so dangerously adrift from any artistic or commercial moorings that one cannot make out what is intended.
Action-Christian SlaterA monster-in-a-museum idea we've seen a million times and a plot that defies the laws of nature.
Action-Michael CaineIt's got a shark eating an plane. Not simply a bad movie, but a stupid and incompetent one.
Comedy-Tom GreenThe film's defenders claim that it's actually 'a greater, dadaistic post-modern vision'. So that's OK then.
Action-Sandra BullockThe final stunt, where Jason Patric has to harpoon a seaplane. Who doesn't love people harpooning seaplanes?
Drama-Mariah CareyThe star didn't act, the music didn't spawn a hit and the film itself is stupefyingly dull and badly put together.
Comedy-Steve MartinThe thing about resurrecting a classic is that you're going to be measured against the original.

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