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What street does Snape live on?
What is Snape's Mother's Name?
Snape's Patrounos was a doe because of what lady?
Who did Snape make the Unbreakable Vow with?
Who plays Snape (Adult)
Snape's last words.
What house was snape in?
True or False. Snape was a Death Eater.
Who does Snape hate
Whom does Snape ask Voldemort to spare
What was Snape's Patronus
What year was Snape born in?
Snape's father was a ________
Snape's Father's name_____-
Who told Snape that Ghosts are transparent?
What is the 'Nickname' Harry told Snape was his in book 6 after he injuryed malfoy.
What should never ever ever tell Snape he is?
Mr.Potter was deducted how many points on his first day from Snape?
How said Snape should keep his abnormally large noise out of other peoples business

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