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Where do we start?
Who is New Zealand's Neighbour to the left?
What country is above Australia?
Speaks Bahasa Malaysia, Malay, English
What country is above Malaysia's Left?
What country is To Thailand's West?
Which country is second most Populous?
Which country is above India?
What country is most populous?
What country speaks Mongol?
What is to Mongolia's North?
What country is below Russia and starts with K?
Speaks Kyrgyz, Russian
What country speaks Tajik?
Which country speaks Uzbek?
Which country speaks Dari and Pashto?
What country is second biggest in the Middle-East?
What produces lots of oil and starts with K
What country has an Empty Quarter?
What country is hebrew?
Have a go!Get it Right!
What country has pyramids?
What country speaks Arabic and English in Africa?
What country starts with CH and speaks French
What country starts with Nig and speaks French
What country is to the east of Niger?
What country speaks Arabic and French?
What country is occupied by Morocco?
What country speaks Arabic and Berber and starts with M?
What country speaks Spanish in Europe?
What country is in between Spain and France?
What country speaks French and Breton and is Above Andorra?
What country speaks Luxembourgish?
What country has Berlin as its capital?
What country speaks Danish?
What country starts with FIN
What country is Swedish?
What country is Norwegian?
What country has England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland?
What country has lots of volcanoes and starts with I?
Where do we end?

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