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QUIZ: Can you name the 30 Largest Countries in Asia?

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Here is the clues. Try to get this right!
This is the largest country in the world.
Largest Country entirely in Asia
2nd Most populous country
Largest landlocked country
Largest country in the Middle East
Largest Country wholly on islands
Country in middle east that speaks Persian
In Between Russia and China
6th most populous country
A little bit of this country is in Europe
This country is the largest in Mainland South East Asia
Speaks Dari and Pashto
Starts with Y. Underneath Saudi Arabia
Starts with T Was hit by tsunami 2004
Starts with TURKM Part of Soviet Union
Here is the clues. Try to get this right!
Starts with U part of soviet union.
Speaks arabic starts with I
Speaks Japanese
Speaks Vietnamese
Speaks Malay, and English. Starts with M
Starts with O Under neath Saudi Arabia
Speaks Tagalog and English
Starts with Kyrgyz Part of Soviet Union
Has used Chemical Weapons. Starts with S
In Mainland South East Asia starts with C
8th most populous country
Flag is triangular and is in between China and India
Starts with TAJIK
Southern part of Korea
Starts with J Speaks Arabic

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