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Forced Order
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Ebony hair, brown eyes, 14 years old.
Platinum blond hair, blue eyes, is the Snow Queen.
Long blond hair, big green eyes, had 70 feet of hair, her main weapon is a frying pan.
Bright red curly hair, blue eyes, really good with a bow and arrow.
Red hair and blue eyes, is a mermaid.
Brown hair and haze; eyes, was in love with a beast.
Black hair, brown eyes, is a Native American.
Blond hair, blue eyes, was a servant to her stepmother and step-sisters.
Black hair, brown eyes, joins the army as a man.
Black hair, brown eyes, has a pet tiger.
Strawberry blond hair with a wwhite streak, big blue eyes and freckles, lives in Arenedelle
Blond hair and violet eyes, slept for 100 years.
Brown hair, brown eyes, was turned into a frog.

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