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Can you answer 20 questions about Disney's Frozen?

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Where is Frozen set in? A- Poland B- Russia C- Arendelle D- Canada
How do Anna and Elsa know each other? A- Best friends B- Cousins C- Frenemies D- Sisters
What is the name of the snowman? A- Olaf B- Sven C- Kristoff D- Hans
Where does Elsa show her powers? A- Anna's 16th Birthday party B- Royal Coronation C- Summer Festival D- New Year's Eve Ball
How many siblings does Hans supposedly have? A- 12 B- 11 C- 4 D- 2
What color are Elsa's eyes? A- Gray B- Green C- Blue D- Purple
What Disney couple did Anna miss at the Coronation? A- Aurora and Prince Phillip B- Tiana and Naveen C- Mulan and Li Shang D- Rapunzel and Eugene
How do Anna and Elsa's parents die? A- Avalanche B- Storm at sea C- Killed by Hans D- Ate poisonous berries
How old is Anna? A- 17 B- 20 C- 18 D- 16
How old was Elsa when she hurt Anna? A- 8 B- 10 C- 7 D- 11
What is Sven? A- Horse B- Snow man C- Person D- Reindeer
Who sings 'Reindeer are better than people'? A- Hans B- Kristoff C- Olaf D- Anna
What does Kristoff do? A- Soldier B- Ice harvester C- Trader D- Castle guard
What is Olaf's favorite season? A- Spring B- Summer C- Winter D- All of the above
Who is Arendelle's biggest trader? A- The Southern Isles B- Norway C- Weselton D- Russia
What does Hans plan to do to Elsa A- Kill her B- Become king C- Marry Anna D- All of the above
Who raised Kristoff? A- Trolls B- Olaf C- Elsa D- The Duke of Weselton
Which song is not included in the movie? A- Reindeer are better than people B- We know better C- Frozen Heart D- Let it Go
When was Frozen released? A- December 27th, 2013 B-November 27th, 2012 C- November 27th, 2013 D- November 21, 2013
Who is the voice of Anna? A- Idina Menzel B- Kirsten Bell C- Kristen Wiig D- Kristen Bell

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