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What year was the movie released?
What actress plays Cher Horowitz?
Cher's mother died in a fluke accident during_____ ____.
What is the product being sold in the commercial Tai sings along to in Cher's living room?
Cher calls this cartoon 'way existential'.
On Christian's first day at Beverly Hills High, what is Cher's oral presentation topic?
What 'totally important designer' makes Cher's red dress she wears to the party in the valley?
Amber explains she can't participate in activities where ____ fly at her nose.
Dionne is furious when Murray does this at the party in the Valley
What did Elton leave on the quad?
On the day of her road test, Cher can't find her white collarless shirt from ____ _____.
Where is Lucy from?
Tai is great at drawing this cartoon.
Cher doesn't rely on mirrors-she takes____.
What does Murray accuse Dionne of doing behind his back?
The movie is loosely based off this novel by Jane Austen
According to Cher, what does it NOT say on the Statue of Liberty?
Name one of the two Tony Curtis movies Christian brings to Cher's house
What was Cher's excuse for being tardy on Monday?
What cause does Cher decide to support after Miss Geist's presentation in class?

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