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Can you name the unsyndicated episodes of Garfield and Friends, just by looking at the US Acres short?

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Weatherman Wade
Over the Rainbow
Fast Food
Flights of Fantasy
Orson at the Bat
Sly Spy Guy
Fan Clubbing
Bedtime Story Blues
The Son Also Rises
It's a Wonderful Wade
Sooner or Later
Jack II: The Rest of the Story
Who Done It?
Gross Encounters
Roy Gets Sacked
A Midly Mental Mix-Up
The Incredibly Stupid Swamp Monster
Orson Express
Uncle Roy to the Rescue
What's It All About, Wade?
Snow Wade and the Seven Dwarfs, Part 1
Snow Wade and the Seven Dwarfs, Part 2
Fine-Feathered Funny Man
How Now, Stolen Cow?
Payday Mayday
A Little Time-Off
Return of the Incredibly Stupid Swamp Monster
The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere's Duck
Winter Wonderland
Mind Over Melvin
Holiday Happening
Hare Force
Temp Trouble
Grape Expectations, Part 1
Grape Expectations, Part 2
Double Trouble Talk
Egg Over Easy, Part 1
Egg Over Easy, Part 2
The Discount of Monte Cristo
Daydream Doctor
Kiddie Korner
The Thing in the Box
The Old Man of the Mountain
The Farmyard Feline Philosopher
If It's Tuesday This Must Be Alpha Centauri
Deja Vu
Newsworthy Wade
The Monster Who Couldn't Scare Anybody

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