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contains epidermis and peridermtissue
transport btwn roots and shootstissue
storage, photosynthesis, supporttissue
transports water upwardDEAD
transports carbs to roots/growth sitesALIVE
vacuole so sugar can move easilyin phloem
paired with #6 to provide them w/ everything they need-DNA, RNA, proteins phloem
thin cell wall, metabolic storageground-leaf, stem, root, fruits
thick primary, no secondaryground-leaf, stem
thick secondary wall, supportground-non growing part
multicellular, organs, euk, autotrophiccharacteristics
joins leaf to node
stem growing along surface of soil, allow to repro asexually
main photosynthetic organ for most plants
water moves thru these cells by small holes called pits
elongate roots and shoots, produces leavesapical meristems
zone of cell division
zone of elongation
required for root hair distributioncellular differentiation
CO2 exchange btwn surrounding air and photosynthetic cells
vascular bundles arranged in a ringstem type
vascular bundles scattered throughout the ground tissuestem type
endodermis is much smallerroot type
endodermis is larger in the cross sectionroot type
parallel veinsleaf type
branching veinsleaf type
adds thickness to woody plantslateral meristems
epidermal (outer) bordering a single cortical cellgalabra (not) expressed
epidermal (outer) bordering 2 cortical cellsgalabra (not) expressed

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