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What is the capital of England?Geography
How many continents are there?Geography
In which continent is Malta?Geography
Madrid is the capital of which country?Geography
How many states are in the USA?Geography
In which year did WW2 end?History
Which famous event took place in 1066?History
Who was the 1st president of the USA?History
What does BC stand for?History
Which year did WW1 break out?History
sqr root of 144Mathematics
What is no. 3 on the periodic table?Science
How many planets are there in the solar system?Science
What do you measure an amount of force in?Science
How many bones in a human body (fully grown)?Science
How many animal kingdoms are there?Science
What is the most popular religion in the world?Religion
How many pillars of Islam are there?Religion
What religion does the god Ganesh/Ganesha belong to?Religion
What is a Sikh place of worship called?Religion
Do Jews believe Jesus is the messiah?Religion
QuestionAnswerType of Question
Who is the father in the Simpson family?Television
Joey,Rachel,Ross,Monica,Phoebe are all characters in what TV show?Television
Which popular TV programme is about a show choir in Ohio?Television
Simon _________ is a judge on the X factor.Television
The Biggest ______ is a show about obese people losing weightTelevision
What is the word for RED in French?French
What is MONDAY in French?French
What does 'je m'appelle' mean?French
What does 'il fait du soleil' mean?French
What is DOG in French?French
Which famous playwright wrote in Elizabethan time?Literature
Who wrote Oliver Twist and A Tale of Two Cities?Literature
Which story written by JK Rowling features a wizard who goes to a school of magic?Literature
Unscramble this famous book title 'TERHINWUG ITGEHS'Literature
Who wrote Jane Eyre?Literature
Who composed the Planets?(classical music)Music
Who sung Like A Bridge Over Troubled Water?Music
Which noteworthy song starts with the words 'When I find myself in times of trouble, mother Mary comes to me, speaking words of wisdom'?Music
'I Gotta Feeling' is by who?Music
Which year was Bruno Mars' song 'Just the Way You Are'?Music
Solve this anagram (book) RYRHA TOPERT NAD HET LOPHISHEROSP TNOESAnagrams
Solve this anagram (animal) TNEAPHRAnagrams
Solve this anagram (instrument) INTECARLAnagrams
Solve this anagram (Girls name) HETBLZAIEAnagrams
Solve this anagram (soccer team) CHEMANTERS NTIEDUAnagrams

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