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QUIZ: Can you name the harry potter trivia?

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Forced Order
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When is Harry's birthday?
What are Harry's mother and father called?
When does Harry discover he is a wizard?
Who tells Harry he is a wizard?
Who killed his parents?
What distinguishing mark does Harry bare on his forehead?
Who does Harry live with after his parents died?
Which wizarding school does Harry attend?
Which house was Harry Potter in ?
Where was Harry born?
Who is Harry's godfather?
Who are Harry's two best friends?
What type of pet animal does Harry own?
What is Harry's pet called?
What is Harry's middle name?
What colour are Harry Potters eyes?
What sport did Harry play at his wizarding school?
What position did he play in this sport?
How long is Harry's wand?
What does Harry have inside his wand?
What is the location of Harry's childhood home?
Who does Harry Potter marry?
What are his kids called?
Who wrote the Harry Potter series and created the character Harry Potter?
Who plays Harry Potter in all 7 films?

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