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QUIZ: Can you name the glee characters described?

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Spanish teacher and glee club coach
Female star of Glee club
Football quarterback
Football player with mohawk
Pregnant Cheerleader
Boy in the wheelchair
Asian with a stutter
Cheerios coach
Gay boy
Black diva
'bad girl' cheerleader
Dumb cheerleader
Schools guidance counselor
Asian footballer and dancer
The principal of William Mckinely High School
Former Glee club coach
Football coach who was engaged to Emma
Rachel's biological mother who adopts Quinns baby
Show Choir Director of Jane Addams Academy
Terri's crazy sister
Wills first crush
Horrible but famous chreographer the glee club hire
The one with no thumbs who is addicted to cough medicine
Terri's co worker at sheets and things
Show choir director of Haverbrook School for the Deaf

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