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_______ Horan. First name?
_______ Tomlinson. First name?
_______ Malik. First name?
_______ Payne. First name?
_______ Styles. First name?
Who is the 'Swag Masta From Doncasta?'
Who deleted their twitter for a day?
Whose mother is known as 'Foxy Coxy?'
Who only had one functioning kidney until the summer of 2012?
Who is a boxer?
Who failed their first year of A levels?
Who dated Caroline Flack?
Who dated Rebecca Ferguson?
Who is looks like Susan Boyle?
Who has four sisters?
Who tried out for 'X Factor' twice?
Who is claustrophobic?
Who is dating a dancer?
Who is dating a member of Little Mix?
Who is dating Taylor Swift?
Who is dating Eleanor Calder?
Whose favorite shoes are Toms?
Whose favorite restaurant is Nandos?
Whose favorite band is The Fray?
Who is from Cheshire?
Who is the 'Bradford Bad Boi?'
Who is 'Boo Bear?'
Who is from Wolverhampton?
Who is from Mullingar?
Who has the 'ZAP!' tattoo?
Who was born September 13?
Who was born December 24?
Who was born August 29?
Who was born January 12?
Who was born February 1?
Whose middle name is Javadd?
Whose middle name is William?
Whose middle name is Edward?
Who took their stepfather's last name?
Whose older brother is Greg?
Who loves Michael Buble?
Who smokes?
Whose sister's name is Gemma?
Who worked in a bakery?
Who served as an extra on 'Fat Friends?'
Who played Danny Zuko in 'Grease?'

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