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Name the musical that begins with each letter and fits the description provided.

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A - best musical winner involving puppets
B - about students at a Catholic school
C - named after a city
D - off-Broadway show about a Marine and a waitress
E - based on the life of a real woman
F - based on a graphic novel
G - includes the song 'Together Wherever We Go'
H - takes place in Baltimore
I -inspired by several fairy tales
J -based on the Passion of Christ
K -music by Cindy Lauper
L - includes characters such as Enjolras, Grantaire, and Gavroche
M - features the music of ABBA
N - focuses on family dynamics and mental illness
O - based on the novel by Charles Dickens
P - currently the longest running Broadway show
Q - based on the music of The Who
R - includes a major character death
S - includes songs such as 'Mama Who Bore Me' and 'Left Behind'
T - about a woman who becomes a flapper in the 1920s
U - tells the story of a woman who survived the Titanic sinking
V - starred Julie Andrews
W - retelling of Romeo and Juliet
X - includes characters from Greek mythology
Y - Mel Brooks's musical
Z - takes place in Greece

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