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Forced Order
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He took the days for pageant, became as ______________.
And boy did they have fun, ______________.
Saying if you go out you might pass out in a drain pipe, Oh yeah! _________________________________!
_________________,_________________, turn on the charm for me tonight.
Iv'e got a ___________, of chemistry from your company.
And I swear I will always paint you, ___________!
All you sinners stand up sing _________.
Everybody scream, ___________________, do the treat or treat!
Stop there and let me correct it, I wanna live my life from a ______________.
____________ like Sarah doesn't care.
In the ____________, where villains spend the weekend.
There's no good times, this _______________.
And ___________ and I, ____________ love her madly.
When it's _____________________, your eyes are the size of the moon.
Lay in the atmosphere, a _____________
Put another X on ____________, summers on it's deathbed.
__________________ sparkle at the world.
Yeah you're worst then ________!
_________________ sends it's love.
__________________________, you'll never take us alive!
Promise me a place, in your _________________.
All was golden __________________________.
____________,____________,____________, are you nasty?
________________, ____________, show them all your not the ordinary type.
_____, _____, with everything, falling down around me.
I'll stay awake till I _____ my ________.
Oh ________, where'd you go?
______________________________________.I won't cut my beard and I won't change my hair.
Oh,_____________________________. Truth is that it was always going to end, this symphony buzzing in my head.
It was ______ you, falling for me.

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