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Bury me and fade to _____.
How bout you Mikey? _______ ready!
You'll never get me _____, you'll never take me _____.
You play ring around the _________ like you never gave a care.
You only hear the music when your heart begins to _____.
Keep _______! SINGGGG...
The amount of pills i'm taking, ___________the booze i'm drinking!
Everybody pay ________ to me!
Love it, or _____ it! You can't understand!
We've got the ____,We've got the ____ LETS GO!
Disappointed faces of your _____, take a look at me, cause I could not care at all.
And the __________ of your kiss that made it so hard.
And if you ____ my life, I'll be the one who drives you home tonight.
So long to all my friends, everyone of them met ______ ends.
And if they get me and the sun goes down into the ______.
Turn away, if you could get me a _____ of water.
And for the last night I ___, could I ___ next to you?
_______ don't mean too much to me.
So why don't you ____ me, a kiss before she goes.
You don't _______ in God, I don't ______ in much.

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