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Forced Order
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So _______________, oh it's your blame, and leave the lights on when you stay.
Pills don't help but it sure is funny, gimmie gimmie gimme some of that _____________, c'mon!
What did I say to put _______________? And fall awake and die.
____, we all go to hell.
________________________________________, I'll sing along if you ask me too.
So shut your eyes, kiss me goodbye, and _____! Just _____!
Have you heard the news that you're ____?
Your kiss and I will surrender, __________________ are the deadliest to lead.
___________! You wear me out!
___________________. One o' nine in the sky but the pigs won't quit.
Face all the burn and take it on,because ___________________________ alone.
Never let them take __________________________.
___________, from mall security!___________, to every enemy!
_________,________, down on the coffin, there's a coffin or two!
So give em _____,_____, gallons of the stuff.
Well as soon as I get my ___ (Dont even have a ___!)
________!________! Against the sun we're the enemy!
____ it for the boys, ____ it for the girls, everytime that you're losing ___ it for the world.
When you go, would you even turn to say, ______________, like I did, yesterday.
Would you marry me? Would you bury me? Would you carry me __________?

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