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QUIZ: Can you name the important people, places, and things in FX's The Shield?

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Forced Order
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The series' main character was...
...played by
His wife...
...was played by
...whose real-life husband is show creator...
Vic's best friend and partner was...
...played by
His wife
...played by
The conscience of the Strike Team was...
...played by
The electronics and surveillance expert was...
...played by
The Strike Team member killed in the premiere was...
He was murdered by...
because he was found to be a spy for Captain
...played by
The Strike Team was based in this fictional LA neighborhood
in an old church known as
The lead female detective in the barn, later made captain, was
...played by
Her partner, an aloof but bright outsider, was
...played by
Female office who had Vic's illegitimate child
...played by
Black male officer who struggled with his homosexuality
...played by
Lazy detective who also owned the Barn's vending machines
...played by
Attractive female officer mentored by Julien
...played by
The alcoholic assistant chief who championed the Strike Team
Vic's oldest daughter
Vic's son
Vic's youngest daughter
Vic's two youngest kids have this condition
Shane's son
Strike Team member attacked by Mara
In Season 6, he was groomed to rplace Mackey
Group brought in to compete with Strike Team in Season 3
Captain during Season 4 who introduced asset forfeiture program
...played by
IA officer determined to take down Mackey in Season 5
...played by
Real estate developer who is actually building a front for the Mexican mob
...who has a picture of this man fellating a criminal, which he keeps as blackmail
Mexican gang that is satellite for Mexican cartel in LA
Unification of Los Mags and Toros
Korean gang
At the end of Season 2 the Strike Team robbed this mob
This character burns most of the money
Most powerful black gang in Farmington
Guardo Lima was from this country
Complete this line: 'Good cop and bad cop left for the day...'
Vic's CI prostitute, whose son he checks in on
Aceveda takes this office at the end of Season 3
Rap mogul played by Sticky Fingaz
Vic burned this man's face on a stove
Armenian hitman who cuts off victims' feet
Gang leader central to Season 4
...played by
This character kills Lem at the end of Season 5
...using a
...stolen from
Kavanaugh tried to use Lem against the team unsuccessfully, after Lem was caught with this
Vic at first suspects, and kills...
Shane told this person about Crowley's murder to work against Vic
Title of Season 5 finale
Title of next to last episode, in which Vic confesses to EVERYTHING
Title of series finale
This character utters the title before killing himself and his family
Vic seeks a job with this agency in Season 7
ICE agent who works with Vic
Only Strike Team member to be arrested for their crimes
Network which showed the original series
Network which currently airs reruns

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