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Can you name the songs whose opening lyrics have been badly translated using Bad Translator?

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Lyric (Artist)SongActual lyric
'Each of the latter problem' (Beatles)
'Friday, September' (Billy Joel)
'We can not answer' (Rolling Stones)
'Message flow in a dress' (Bruce Springsteen)
'People are trying to humiliate' (The Who)
'For women in the light' (Led Zeppelin)
'We are flying in the clouds' (Temptations)
'Today was the first day, has problems' (Oasis)
'The first car on the road' (Steppenwolf)
'All crimes, even the shoes of the root' (Garth Brooks)
'If you have a picture, you and kiss' (Prince)
'He also said, laundry' (AC/DC)
'People hug him and love children, I think any normal' (Madonna)
Lyric (Artist)SongActual lyric
'Taxes and friends Bundeswehr' (Nirvana)
'If you're tired, you feel depressed' (Simon and Garfunkel)
'In 1989, the wine, which increases the unconventional' (Public Enemy)
'Use established knowledge' (ZZ Top)
'I have a lot of my friends daughter Diesing' (Weezer)
'You can use your finger hurts' (Fugees)
'Bomb, like love child' (Def Leppard)
'Love is not valid' (Fleetwood Mac)
'We are stuck, because I love football' (Elvis Presley)
'Sale, black-haired cold desserts' (Eagles)
'It was nice to parents' (Beach Boys)
'The film is very close to the beauty of the landscape' (Michael Jackson)

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