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Embargo placed on munitions to all nations at war; US citizens travel abroad at their own risk; Agency created to oversee arms exportation to any nation
Prohibition against extending loans or credit to belligerents; US stated it would not interfere in Spain's Cicil War
'Cash and Carry' system established; Limited US ships from carrying goods in war zones; required President to recognize that an armed conflict existed before the embargo was valid
Congress repealed the arms embargo; Allowed belligerent nations to purchase munitions on the same 'cash and carry' basis
US transfered 50 over-age destroyers to the british, in exchange for 99 year leases on naval and air bases in British possesion
A renunciation of all aggression; self-determination of peoples; equal access to raw materials; guarantees for freedom from want and fear; freedom of the seas; disarmament of aggre
Japanese bombers launched a sneak attack upon Hawaiian naval base; 19 ships sunk, 170 planes lost, 2,403 people killed
Largest amphibian operation in world history; Major offensive by Eisenhower through English Channel
Project which developed the Atomic Bomb; Led by J. Robert Oppenheimer; 1941
FDR, Churchill, Stalin meet for 1st time; Issues raised: UN organization, disposition of post-war Germany, Soviet interests in Eastern Europe, Far Eastern front agreement against J

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