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Forced Order
the groups in the quiz are from 1ste generation till now, some that recently disbanded, underrated and rated groups. if yo want a group in the quiz that isn't in it yet, then you can always ask in the comments. Enjoy the Quiz.
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Hintkpop group
Couple (2016) (1998)
Born hater
last dance
I feel you, Why so lonely
take me now, pray
Pain, AH-HA, Remove
Promise (I'll be), my house
days like today, over the destiny
0330, Stalker
come back home
Hate, Crazy
Ribbon, YEY
Mirror, Mona Lisa
whoo, black swan
Tiamo, so crazy
ring my bell, something
the eye
back seat
only you
wild, hurt locker
catallena, my copycat
I like that
warning sign
breath, th ghost of the wind, mazeltov
No No No
solo day
Toy, HER
Bounce, Witch
high heels, yoo hoo
fri.sat.sun., someone like you
Hintkpop group
Chisa Bounce, Dash, Nod Along!
just tell me, too very so much
Blackout, run&run, excalibur
Better day, BEAT, U beauty
Sugar, i dream, somebody
Bingo, still (name of the group), super fly
Insane, Snake, Hot game
good luck, like a cat
Full Moon shine, run&run, hotboy
I'll be your man, you're so fly
Far away ... young love, let's love
Bar Bar Bar
I know you noona, play with me
Hot Pink, ah yeah
apple pie, you're pitiful
OUT, highway, waiting for you
Love Paint, overcome, Face
secret time
Fantasy, chained up
AB city, ttanttara
Get down, the real one,video game
blood, sweat and tears
Queen, Might just die, psycho
why i'm not, what u, don't tease me
the rain, galaxy
rainy day, the beat
melted, re-bye, how people move
obliviate, delilah, bad mama jama
hard carry
D.O.A (dead or alive), not spring, love or cherry blossoms
fire, where you at
shooting love,aalow aalow,
ah-choo, candy jelly love
new world, OMGT, emptiness
D├ęcalcomanie, piano man
Hintkpop group
Ice cream cake
deja vu, cushion, i like U too much
empty, baby baby
EOEO, best friend
letting go
rough, me gustas tu
Rhythm ta, dumb and dumber
fighter, all in
awesome, lonely
Closer, Liar Liar
Miro, Lovesick
Boom Boom
It's raining, platonic love
white Night
playing with fire
Secret, catch me, MoMoMo
Very Very Very
Feel So Good, Lollipop
Oh Na Na
Knock, Back again, U
the 7th sense
Fire Truck
chewing gum
can you feel it?, Gorilla
I'm fine
Brave New World, Abracadabra
Why Not?
Stalker, Illusion, Your girl
take a shot, watch out
storm, swagger time
Mamma Mia
excuse me, Pitapat
shake it, shake it, Show me bang bang
hello, aphrodite, taola

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