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Wants to make all people mimesvillain
Popular girl, super spies mortal enemyqueen bee
Intelligent, hard-workingsuper spy
Athletic, self-conscioussuper spy
Beautiful, fashion forward, boy crazedsuper spy
British, well manneredLeader of WHOOP
Believes TV shows are realvillain
Wants to get rid of men due to being dumpedvillain
Wants to make people into a video gamevillain
Wants to keep him and celebrities together forevervillain
Robot trained to give gadgets, control weapons, etc.WHOOP assistant
Wants world to slow downvillain
Wants to destroy brother and WHOOPvillain
Evil nannyvillain
Wants to turn time back to the 80svillain
Wants revenge on the fashion worldvillain
Wants to destroy world with cheerleadingvillain
Nerdy kid in schooldork
Wants to freeze worldvillain
Trained by super spies, all around spyspy

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Created Feb 27, 2013ReportNominate
Tags:fighting, villains

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