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What actress played Rachel's sister?
Where was Rachel's honeymoon with Barry supposed to be at?
What name does Phoebe pick for the third triplet?
What is Joey and Chandler's favorite basketball team?
What did Chandler want the sign above his and Monica's bedroom to read?
What did Joey use to cover the fact that he was circumcized?
What airport was Rachel's flight to Paris out of?
What was the name of the woman that Rachel mistook for Chandler's dad at Monica and Chandler's wedding?
What caused Phoebe to drop the lottery tickets?
What song of Phoebe's was made into a music video?
What animal does Ross dress up as to teach his son about Hanukkah?
What was Central Perk before it was a coffee house?
Where were Ross, Susan, and Phoebe stuck before Carol gave birth?
What country was Ross' honeymoon supposed to be in?
What video game did Phoebe buy Monica and Chandler for their wedding?
What type of dessert did Rachel mess up at Thanksgiving?
What type of accent did Ross use when he first started teaching?
What martial arts technique does Ross claim that people need to be able to defend themselves?
Where does Rachel buy all of Phoebe's and her new furniture from?
What disease did Barry's parents tell people Rachel had?

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