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Laurie has a thing for what minority?
Jules talks like a what when her dad comes to visit
What is Ellie's nickname for Laurie?
What is Andy's ethnicity?
How many members of the Friends cast have appeared on Cougar Town
Who did Travis lose his virginity to?
Name a room in her house that Jules tricks out?
What is Jules's job?
What was Ellie's nickname when she was a lawyer?
What does Jules call her circle of friends?
What is Grayson's job?
What is the name of Laurie's military boyfriend?
Who stands outside Jules's window?
Which two main characters go as each other for Halloween?
What is Ellie and Andy's son's name?
What is Andy's catch phrase?
What is Grayson's ex-wife's name?
1 glass of wine = 1 slice of ?
What main character is homophobic?
How old was Travis when Jules and Bobby moved?

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