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What is the fourth pokemon region called?
What type of pokemon is the most populated?
How many fire-fighting pokemon are there?
What does the gym assistant give to you in fifth gen?
How many eeveelutions are there?
What are the pikachu look-alikes in third gen?
What two fighting type attacks can never miss?
What is the strongest attack?
What ability prevent one hit KO's?
What fully evolved starter pokemon can learn brave bird?
What pokemon set up a web in front of Chargestone Cave?
What types were not in the original games?
What are the evolutionary stones that evolve kirlia and misdreavus?
What pokemon do you need in your party to evolve mantyke?
How many different types (ex. water) can Octillery learn?
What pokemon is famous for the move sing?
What mega evolving pokemon is given to you by a gym leader in pokemon X and Y?
What are the only two fairy types with mega evolutions?
What ability gives status attacks priority?
What three pokemon need to know ancientpower to evolve?

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