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Jesse Owens wins four gold medals at the Olympics
The Munich Pact
Publication of the Communist Manifesto
Martin Luther nails his demands to the church door
Death of Queen Isabella I
Janssen invents the microscope
Balfour Declaration
Start of the Orange revolution
Birth of Adolf Hitler
Michelangelo finishes the Sistine Chapel
Battle of Austerlitz
The Anschluss
Birth of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Start of the Great Depression
Leonardo da Vinci completes the 'Mona Lisa'
Dissolution of the Austro-Hungarian Empire
Chernobyl disaster
Publication of the Origin of Species
Angela Merkel becomes Chancellor of Germany
Emser Depesche
Foundation of the Beatles
Magna Carta issued
William Wallace executed
Foundation of the Club of Rome
Srebrenica massacre
Coronation of Suleiman the Magnificent
William of Orange assassinated
Congress of Vienna
Construction of the Berlin Wall
Year of Africa
Second Siege of Vienna
Foundation of the European Union (EEC)
Battle of Monte Cassino
Renovation of Paris starts
Birth of Ludwig von Beethoven
Battle of Dresden
Croatia and Slovenia declare independence
Van Gogh cuts off his own ear
Start of the First Crusade
The Vikings found Vinland
Start of the Armenian genocide
Completion of the Trans-siberian railway
First Siege of Vienna
Death of Pablo Picasso
Ottomans sack Constantinople
T.E. Lawrence dies
Magellan navigates through the Strait of Magellan
Capturing of Adolf Eichmann
Lenin returns from political exile
Great fire of Rome
John Lennon assassinated
Birth of Karl Marx
Edict of Milan
Gorbachev becomes leader of the Soviet Union
Great fire of London
The Crystal Palace is completed
Operation Market Garden
Battle of Waterloo
Louis XVI is executed
Reichstag fire
Proclamation of the German Empire
Treaty of Tordesillas
Birth of Leonardo da Vinci
Trevithick invents the steam locomotive
Marco Polo departs from Constantinople
First use of Blitzkrieg tactics
The Euro replaces all former currencies of the Eurozone
Julien Assange imprisoned
Foundation of the ETA
Charlemagne crowned empire
Bartolomeu Dias discovers the passage around Africa
South Ossetia war
First Nazi concentration camp opened
Montesquieu introduces the Trias Politica
Margaret Thatcher becomes British PM
William the Conqueror invades England
Watson and Crick discover the structure of DNA
Livingstone disappears in Africa
Remilitarization of the Rhineland
Treaty of Verdun
Schengen Agreement
Battle of Gallipoli
Charge of the Light Brigade
Eruption of the Vesuvius
Fall of the West-Roman empire
Franco rises to power in Spain
Invention of the printing press
Dissolution of the Ottoman Empire
Benz invents the first gasoline powered automobile
The Beagle sets sail
Copernicus displaces the earth from the centre of the universe
Birth of Isaac Newton
The Year of Revolution
End of the Reign of Terror
Konrad Adenauer becomes German Chancellor
Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
End of the Russo-Japanese war
Battle of Agincourt
Treaty of Locarno
Louis XIV installs his court in the Palace of Versailles
Florence Nightingale is sent to a war hospital
Christopher Columbus sets sail for the New World
Becquerel discovers radioactivity
The Romanov family assassinated
Leopold II becomes sovereign of the Congo Free State
Raphael completes the 'School of Athens'
Foundation of the IMF
Constantine the Great proclaimed emperor
Death of Gianlorenzo Bernini
Napoleon invades Russia
India achieves independence from Great Britain
The Kursk sinks
St. Peter's Basilica is completed
Operation Overlord
Hungarian Revolution
Sixtus V is elected pope
Foundation of the IRA
Battle of El Alamein
Treaties between Britain and France, Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands to abolish slave trade
End of Thirty Years' War
Winston Churchill dies
Women's voting rights are made equal to those of men in Great Britain
Inception of the International Criminal Court in The Hague
Publication of Mein Kampf
Battle of Trafalgar
Assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II
Siege of Stalingrad
Unification of Italy
Completion of the Suez Canal
Yugoslav wars end
Start of the Crimean War
Greece hosts the first modern Olympics
Battle of Tannenberg
Treaty of Versailles
Storming of the Bastille
Coronation of Elizabeth I
Enactment of the Marshall Plan
Empress Elisabeth 'Sisi' of Austria assassinated
Berlin Airlift
Death of Louis XIV
Papacy moves to Avignon
NATO is formed
Start of the Unrestricted submarine warfare
Start of the Eighty Years' War
Credit crunch
Napoleon III becomes Emperor of France
Stalin rises to power
Death of Albert Einstein
Falklands war

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