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Means grotesque and was not intended as a positive label.
Expansion of European influence
Struggle for control between Catholicism and Protestantism
Continuous War
gives way to physics
Heliocentric Cosmology- Earth is not the center of the Universe
Geometry and Scientific Method
Gravity Color Astronomy Mechanics Physics
Style of Persuasion
Changed painting Style Subject matter Light Naturalism Painted directly on the canvas Painted from live models Used contemporary settings and sitters but adhered to Biblical subjec
Intense contrast of light and dark in painting
Picture one
How are these sitters different than the sitters in Renaissance Art of Italy?
Picture 2 Dramatic use of tenebrism He relies almost solely on light for expression Biblical narrative Indirect source of light
pciture 3 Seminude Androgynous Full lips Blushed cheeks Patron, Cardinal del Monte Sensuality is another characteristic of Baroque Art
Daughter of friend to Caravaggio Traditional “people have cheated me.” “another painter to do the painting using my work. If I were a man, I can’t imagine it would have tur
Painted at the age of
A story in Daniel (not included in protestant Bible
picture 4 Heroines Holofernes and Assyrians are menacing Jewish people Judith seduces him and orders a feast with a plethora of wine When he is passed out, she beheads him
Relationship to the environment or
emotionalism captures the essense
Nun from the Carmelite order
Scene illuminated from an indirect source of light (hidden window)
After 1648: Beginning of the Dutch of art
Rise of a wealthy class of
wealthiest country in Europe: emergence of a wealthy middle class
Great accumulation of artistic talent;
Painter with large workshop, businessman, art dealer, diplomat, wealthy man
Well connected to influential political circles
Actual execution of works of art left to his large workshop in
Associated with the part of the Low Countries
Influence of Italian art:
Can you identify the characteristics that illustrate Rubens’ influences?
What qualities of this work make it Baroque, and distance it from Renaissance?
(founder of the Bourbon dynasty),
Greeted by allegorical figure of France with coat
Bottom: Mythological figures
Now Leaving Catholic Flanders
Entering Protestant Netherlands
Master of Nocturnes
nocturne- or night scene
Sun King
Leading European power of the 17th and 18th centuries
Religious conflicts, persecutions of
The Invention of Academic Classicism
Poussin invented the
History painting (painting depicting historical or mythological events from Classical Antiquity)
: Still lifes, genre (lowlife) scenes, portrait painting, etc.
an overall balanced artwork, but separated into sections).
Composition, execution, and subject matter all reminiscent of Renaissance art

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