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Perhaps in the future, I shall be impervious to projectilesLa Roux
I plunged into a circular, incendiary pit I submerged farther while the embers ascendedJohnny Cash
We could have attained everything, gyrating in the depthsAdele
Am I witnessing true reality or is this a fictitious construction of my brain? Trapped under moving land, without chance of distancing myself from realityQueen
I am taking a detour from my set path on an insane locomotiveOzzy Osbourne
And I believe it will take an extended period of time before re-entry returns me to discover that I oppose previous thoughts about meElton John
Raise your voice with me, raise it for the time, raise it for the jubilation, raise it for the anguishAerosmith
It resembles the body of water underneath the celestial body, it is similar to the biochemical signals that I perceive from you, you have attained the type of affection that can seSantana
We are descending, sooner than thought and glucose we are falling while attempting to hit our foesFall Out Boy
How would you comment if you were a primate on a tether, if you were a canine attached to metalDave Matthews Band

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