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QUIZ: Can you name the historical event from the first line of the newspaper article about it?

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Forced Order
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Fighting broke out along Israel's borders with Syria and Egypt today. Each side blamed the other for the almost simultaneous attacks.
President Hoover at 9:34 o'clock tonight __________ to ______, his Democratic opponent. He telegraphed congratulations to the New Yorker.
The United States tonight termed Russia's launching of an earth satellite 'of great scientific interest' and urged the Soviets to share details of their momentous experiment.
The President set the time for the _________ to begin at 7 P.M., Eastern standard time; at 5 P.M., Mr. Bush had calmly and methodically begun to prepare, his aides said. Those clos
The map of Europe may be altered by two assassins' bullets that yesterday struck down to instant death at Sarajevo...
Five billion dollars in market values were swept away today in the greatest selling wave in the history of the ...
The admiralty this afternoon said that the latest reports available indicated that only 703 of the passengers and crew of _______ have been saved...
President Johnson Friday termed the Viet Cong attacks on major South Vietnamese cities 'a complete failure' militarily and said they would force no change in American troop levels
.Two White House officials say more information damaging to President Nixon is contained on at least one more of the tapes the Supreme Court ordered him to give federal Judge John
________ was shot outside a Memphis hotel Thursday afternoon.
Russia has stepped from archaic autocracy to ultra-modern democracy in three short days.
Twenty leaders of the Nazi regime went on trial before a United Nations tribunal today and listened to an indictment holding them responsible for World War II.
Hundreds of thousands of workers in government buildings and prominent office towers streamed home early today, deserting downtowns large and small across the country in an orderly
Reichsfuehrer Adolf Hitler was called from his bed early today to receive news of the worst disaster to German air transportation in history.
Tokyo conceded today that _____ completely destroyed most of the town of _______ Monday morning and said the blasted and blistered corpses in the town which once had a population o
The United States fleet steamed from ____Sunday after a Japanese dive bomber, torpedo plane and parachute raid on the great American naval and air base...
The Soviet Union today warned the United States that aggression against Cuba could lead to a world war with nuclear weapons.
Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, trapped in a bloody nationwide revolt that has plunged _____ into chaos, has agreed to leave the country temporarily and to hand over his powers to a co
The greatest war in history formally ended today with the signing of the Peace Treaty.The ceremony took place in the ______ proceeding with clock-like regul
Allied troops are assaulting the defense wall believed to be the mightiest ever erected - a vast, miles-deep, coastal bulwark of steel, explosives and concrete, stretching from Nor

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