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Who is Dean a vessel of
Angel that Castiel resents
Deans first prank on Sam in 'Hell House'
Sams girlfriend
Dean and Sams half brother
Two girl hunters that knew John
Stole the rabbits foot from Sam
Dean and Sams grandpa
Number on the door on the warehouse in 'Changing Channels'
Who broke the last seal
Deans Licenses plate
Demon that Sam got together with
Sam and Deans Mom
How old was Sam when his mom died
Psychic Bobby took Dean and Sam to see
What was Castiels vessels hungry for
Archangel who became a Demi God
Dean and Sams closest friend
Model of Deans car
How many gallons of blood did Sam drink
Deans weakness
What did Sam have to do at the end of season 5
How did John die
What did Ruby help Bobby do
Loves sweets and and can shapeshift
When Dean and Sam went back in time what did they need to get
Deans Birthday
What makes Dr. Sexy sexy
Lucifer daughter
How long was Dean down in hell
Date Dean came back
Sams Birthday
Broke the first seal
What was wrong with Sam, beginning of season 6
Deans girlfriend and son
What spice keeps the demons away
What did Castiel tell Dean he never had done
What does demon do to Sam
Song that played in 'Yellow Fever'
Crowly's pets

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