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Forced Order
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Character HintsCharacter Name
The brillo-pad that married topanga
FEENY! FE FE FE FE FEENY! and plays withs squirrles aka kyle
He had a nice greasy mullet and got messed up in a accident
Nicknamed 'The Enforcer' he often found himself writing poetry
This guy was his best friend nicknamed 'The rat'
He hooked up with the really hot red head
She was the hot red head that had the picture with fur
Her dad is general and the red heads roomate
He was in a band called 'The Lips' and brillo pads dad
He was on a news story that flashed 'Not A Dramatization'
He ruled the halls at John Adams in his leather jacket
He replaced #11 for a bit
Character HintsCharacter Name
This guy was in almost every TGIF show and was eric's best friend
He ignored his son because his wife was always running away from him
He was the brillo-pads youngest brother who had a rough birth
This guy got lost in the other hallway for all of high school
Sister of the brillo who sang a 'You Are the Wind Beneath My Wings'
Mother of the brillo-pad
Taught brillo every year of his life and often gave advice over the fence
This was the 19's main squeeze
She painted a heart on heer face twice and got a little chuncky at the end
Trailer trash and was brillos pads home boi
He was #3's friend that led the av department

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