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Tom Hanks pursues Leo Dicaprio around the world, hoping he is able to seize himCatch Me If You Can
Daniel Day-Lewis is an oil man with a fondness for 'shakesThere Will Be Blood
Cameron Diaz wows men of all sorts: awkward, sleazy, crippled, diseased, Brett FavreThere's Something About Mary
John Cho and Kal Penn are seriously jonesing for a burger and meet NPH along the wayHarold and Kumar Go To White Castle
Jimmy Stewart loses hope, but is saved by Clarence, Angel, Second Class, in Capra's holiday classicIt's A Wonderful Life
Wesley Snipes teaches Woody Harrelson a thing or two about race and basketballWhite Men Can't Jump
Jack Nicholson loses his mind in this 1975 adaptation of a high school English favoriteOne Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
Two-parter featuring a bride seeking revenge her would-be killers; gore ensuesKill Bill
Aaron Eckhart plays a Merchant of Death defending the defenseless corporations of AmericaThank You For Smoking
Sean Penn is nominated for an Oscar while fighting for custody of Dakota FanningI Am Sam
English rockers are parodied mockumentary-style in the Christopher Guest crew's firstThis Is Spinal Tap
Sci-fi sequel begins on Hoth, ends in Cloud CityStar Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
Description Movie % Correct
Tony and Jack dress up as women considerably less attractive than co-star MarilynSome Like It Hot
Mike Myers fears commitment until he meets a beautiful bellicose butcher. Head! Pants NOW!So I Married an Axe Murderer
Bill Murray endears himself to his therapist's family, just not the therapistWhat About Bob?
Coens' take on a Greek epicO Brother, Where Art Thou?
A riot erupts in Brooklyn on the hottest day of the year; Spike Lee directs and starsDo The Right Thing
Gritty comic book reboot rejuvenates a franchise plagued by too much Joel SchumacherBatman Begins
Bushmen discover a Coke bottle, leading to mass confusionThe Gods Must Be Crazy
Small towner Jefferson S. goes to the big city with a heart full of innocence and a mind for reformationMr. Smith Goes To Washington
German girlfriend needs three tries to make things turn out rightRun Lola Run
Vampires, outcast youth, romance: like Sweden's version of Twilight, only a million times better; stateside adaptation in the worksLet The Right One In
Clark Gable's slick journalist accompanies Claudette Colbert's heiress, on the run from her father, up the coast to her loverIt Happened One Night
Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie experience the paranormal in Italy; barely avoid X ratingDon't Look Now

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