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Can you name the six major film production and distribution studios of Hollywood?

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Major Franchises of 2000sStudio2009 Market Share
The Harry Potter films; the Batman reboot; Ocean's 11/12/13; Battlefield Earth; Catwoman20.1%
The X-Men films; the Ice Age Films; the latter two Star Wars prequels; the Alien vs. Predator series; Daredevil16.1%
The Transformers films; the Mission: Impossible films; the latest Indiana Jones movie; distribution rights for Iron Man; all Nickelodeon films ('Rugrats Go Wild'!)14.3%
Distribution rights to (both) Spiderman series; the Dan Brown movies; the upcoming Karate Kid (series of) film(s)14.1%
Every Pixar movie after 2006; 'Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience'; the Pirates of the Caribbean films; a variety of inspirational sports flicks; 'The Royal Tenenbaums' 11.9%
The Fast and the Furious films; The Jason Bourne films; both Hulk movies; 'Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant'10.0%

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