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Forced Order
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A country that is so old and complex that the average American could not write an accurate definition for it if they tried (and we do).
The country Hitler wasn't born in.
The nation that consistently battles it out with Colombia in a little game called 'Who's The World's Murder Capital?'.
Where every company outsources our jobs to.
A really tiny country surronded by countries that either hate it or do not like it very, very much, but they have held on to that same stip of land for thousands of years.
The one place on earth that is scarier even during the day than Detroit is at night.
Also home of great rally drivers and people who can drink pretty much anyone under the table.
A place that is extremely sketchy, frightening looking, and could possibly lead to one's death.
Small, flat and wet country somewhere in Northern Europe where everyone is tall, smokes weed and rides a bike.
The country that Russia invaded. Not to be mistaken for the state.
Famous to foreigners for its beautiful beaches,unique foods...and prostitutes.
Land of beautiful women, inexpensive hard liquor and polar bears.
The country with the world's best toilets.
The land of ignorant people. A place where people don't know about the neighboring states, think Africa is jungle, believe Europe is a country, and assume that all Asians are Chine
A place where you can get hotdogs wrapped in bacon at the 7/11, something I can't believe hasn't appeared all over America yet.
The hardest F&^*!@ country to infect in Pandemic II.
The birthplace of the western world.
A country that allows prostitution but doesn't allow oral sex. Now that's messed up.
The world's leading source of StarCraft players.
The country in which Voldemort hid while he recovered from the damage that Harry Potter had caused him.

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