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France vs. all of Europe; fight over Spanish controlled Flemish land
France, Great Britain, Piedmont-Sardinia, and the Turks vs. Russia; balance of power war; Piedmont-Sardinia enters in order to gain the support of France
desire to broaden French borders; League of Augsburg vs. France; ends in a cease fire
England vs. France; caused by a vacant throne and a struggle for national identity; conflict over Flanders; France wins; England develops industry
French ruler's invasions in Egypt and Italy
Henry III and Henry of Navarre (IV) vs. Henry of Guise (Catholic League); ends with Henry IV becoming king
Fall of Bastille; The Great Fear; Women March on Versailles; National Assembly/Legislative Assembly/National Convention Phase; Massacre of the Swiss Guards
Bohemian, Danish, Swedish, and French (worst) periods; Everyone vs. Spain/HRE (lose)
United States backs the south, USSR backs the north; North wins led by Ho Chi Minh
Holy Roman Empire vs. France; Sack of Rome
supposed to be the war to end all wars; trench warfare; Battle of Verdun/Somme; Galipoli Campaign; sinking of the Lusitania
Nationalists vs. Loyalists; Germany and Italy send troops; USSR sends troops to help the Loyalists; leads to Nationalist victory
caused by the abolition of political banquets by Louis Philippe; leads to Louis Philippe’s fleeing of the country
made up of Contenintal War and Colonial War; Prussia vs. everyone but Britain; Prussia invades Saxony; ended by a treaty; Britain and the colonists vs. France and Native Americans
Charles I (loses) vs. Parliament; Cavaliers vs. Roundheads
fights between two lines of royalty (Lancaster and York); Lancaster wins and establishes Henry VII as the first of the Tudor line
ideological and geographical war between the United States and its allies and the USSR and its allies
caused by the Ems Dispatch; Germany defeats France
blitzkreig warfare; Operation Sea Lion; Operation Barbarossa; Battle of Stalingrad; Normandy/ D-Day; Battle of the Bulge; Bataan Death March; Battle for Midway Island
collection of wars in which much of Europe fought against France
Frederick II “The Great” vs. HRE; Prussia gains Silesia
one of Louis XIV's wars; England/Sweden/Netherlands vs. France (loses)
Whites vs. Reds; Lenin establishes wartime communism; Reds take full control of the government
July Revolution; occurs under Charles X; Charles X turns France into pre-French Revolution; gets rid of the Chamber of Deputies; Charles X flees

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