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popular musicians (also, minstrels)
the higher authority responsible for fixing the music for Church services
the official music of the Catholic Church in the Middle Ages; unaccompanied, monotonic
other name for plainchant
music centered around D, E, F, or G (not major or minor)
used for texts considered routine, such as lengthy passages from the Old Testament
the pitch on which the text is sung
one of the simples genres; usually done in freestyle
a group of notes on one syllable
a much more elaborate genre that consists of short tunes sung twice
a single two-note chord running continuously
the noble poet-composers of court songs in the south of France
the noble poet-composers of court songs in the north of France
the noble poet-composers of court songs in Germany
poetic type; the 'dawn song'
a seduction dialogue between a knight and a country maid
form in which all stanzas are set to the same melody (each stanza: a a' b)
an instrumental dance
the earliest type of polyphony; traditional plainchant melody + another melody, sung simultaneously to the same words
secular genre in which multiple (usually two) voices with their own words are layered over a repeated Gregorian chant
a song with a melody repeated by different overlapping voices at different types
the line that repeats a short phrase over and over
new art/technology
ancient art
'equal rhythm'; when rhythmic patterns many notes long are repeated over and over
a chivalric love song

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