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Can you name the Influential Women Throughout European History?

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first European professional female writer; increased women education
regent for Louis XIII
challenged Rousseau's views on women
major patron of the arts
Russian czarina; outsider - spoke Russian and converted to Russian Orthodox Church; appealed to the nobility
English queen with an era named after her
English queen; politique; Protestant, but protected the Catholics; handles many problems with Spain
only female participant in the activities of the Royal Society of London
experimented with X-rays and radiation
ruled France as Francis II and Charles IX's regent; associated with St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre
first woman British prime minister ; extremely conservative
wife of Louis XVI; disliked by the French
English queen; makes England Catholic again; executed Protestant leaders
Queen of Scots; associated with the Babington Plot
Holy Roman Empress
enhanced the cleanliness of hospitals
influential woman in the 18th century; held power through salons
Louis XIV's wife

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