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Forced Order
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King's InformationKing
king of France before the Hundred Years’ War
Francis II’s brother
Marie de Médicis and Cardinal Richelieu were his regents
great-grandson of Louis XIV; good relationship with the nobles
comes to power after Napoleon’s first exile; restored the Bourbon line of rule
military leader; establishes the Consulate; becomes first Consul of France and later Emperor of the French; expands the French empire; exiled to Elba, returns for a period known as
the “Citizen King”; well-known liberal
King's InformationKing
son of Henry II
king of France; married Marguerite of Valois; began Bourbon line; converts to Catholicism established Bourbon line; politique; ended French Wars of Religion; wanted to limit the po
– French king after Louis XV; needed new taxes
leader of the ultraloyalists; becomes king of France; passes the Four Ordinances; flees during the Revolution of 1830
two eras of reign: authoritarian and liberal; develops “New Paris”; leads to the creation of the Third Republic
solidifies a strong monarchy; limits nobility but ensures their obedience; suppression of faith; government geared for warfare; fights a series of wars

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