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Song NameVerbose Lyric
 She observes me similarly to a celestial fish during my periods of vulnerability. My imprisonment within your cardiac organ like container has endured for a multitude of days.
 Enforcers of fate, apprehend this individual. He converses in geometry, calculus and algebra. He vibrates in a fashion similar to a cold storage container. He is akin to a transmission device operating out of key.
 Physically accosted in the year of our lord MCMLXXIX. Fashionable juveniles are consistently without duration.
 The whole of my statement is that my existence is fairly mundane. I enjoy gazing upon the pools as they collect condensation. The only activities I am able to perform are serving tea and voicing my thoughts.
 Once again, a change of direction…a path to choose. Time latches your lower arm and influences your destination. Hence, favor this challenge without explanation. For it is not an inquiry, but a moral attained in duration.
 An extended twelfth month and there is evidence suggesting acceptance. Perhaps the current year will improve upon the previous. I cannot recollect the final thought you proclaimed upon your departure. The days pass post haste.
 In his abode, conveying images of summits. Postulating himself at the peak. A solar presence in the hue of a citrus fruit. Appendages exalted toward the sky.
 While ambulating, I flaunt my positive attributes in the absence of sobriety. I feel similar to a wind-powered vessell of great altitude and perhaps I shall halt to be inquisitive of you. Grant me permission to depart. I incur boils in the presence of the solar beacon.
 Pardon me, It is time to flee. Pardon me, It is time to flee. They are gathering themselves in a linear queue. They are entering a dense rotation. The children are misplacing their cerebrums.
 This is fantastic. It commences with a tremor, avians and reptiles, an airship -Lenny Bruce lacks fear. Center of a storm, heed your own toil. The Earth fulfills the necessities of itself, without regard for your yearnings.

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